• Flaked Light Tuna

    A healthy & delicious way to create great meals...

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  • Chunk Light Tuna

    Dolphin-safe skipjack for lower fat and the freshest flavour... /nutritious-foods/canned-tuna/chunk-light-tuna 1
  • Flaked White Albacore Tuna

    Create healthy & delicious meals on the go... /nutritious-foods/canned-tuna/flaked-white-albacore-tuna 2
  • Solid White Albacore Tuna

    Fresh flavour from a dolphin-safe tuna... /nutritious-foods/canned-tuna/solid-white-albacore-tuna 3
  • Solid Light Tuna

    A great base to build upon, or just the right flavour to finish off a dish... /nutritious-foods/canned-tuna/solid-light-tuna 4
  • Solid White Albacore Tuna Low Sodium

    For low sodium intake...

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  • Chunk Light Tuna Low Sodium

    For low sodium intake... /nutritious-foods/canned-tuna/chunk-light-tuna---low-sodium 6

Dolphin safe white and light canned tuna options are a simple and healthy way to create meals full of protein, flavour and freshness.

With nine varieties of canned tuna, our products are very versatile. Whether you are preparing a salad, wrap, or main dish you are sure to find the tuna type that fits your recipe best.

Explore our tuna varieties to learn more about their unique qualities and how they can be best used in recipes. Their flavours and textures have subtle differences which can enhance a recipe when the optimal selection is made.

Solid, chunk and flaked varieties all have their own unique qualities and are ideal for specific recipe types.

Albacore canned tuna is white-meat with a subtle flavor and meaty texture. All our Albacore tuna are caught using either Pole&Line or long line fishing with the use of circle hooks to minimize by-catch. Our canned light tuna is made from skipjack tuna which has a slightly pinker color and more intense flavour. Both are dolphin safe and delicious.