Tasty Tips

Here’s some easy tips to make preparing healthy meals easy.

  • Looking to enhance flavour? Think citrus. Any citrus fruit is a wonderful way to bring out flavours of your dish. Lemon is the go-to here, but try adding lime or orange too.
  • Some ingredients are already salty. Anchovies and bacon, for example. When using ingredients that are already salty, taste it before you add more. A common-sense tip that’s saved plenty of my dishes in the day.
  • Freeze your bacon before chopping it.  Nothing is worse than having your bacon squish beneath your fingers while trying to chop.  If you freeze your bacon first, it retains its shape while chopping and quickly defrosts when cooking.
  • Do not add milk to a boiling liquid.  If you use 35% cream, you are good to add to boiling liquid.  BUT if you lower the fat by using milk or low fat evaporated milk you need to lower the temperature of liquid before adding the milk.  The milk will separate if you don’t cool it down a bit first.  Yup, looks really gross!  Once the milk is added, slowly bring back up to temperature.