Get your grill on!

BBQ season—our favourite time of year! And what better food to BBQ than salmon? Talk about fast, fresh, and healthy.

If you’re new to grilling fish, here are some quick tips to make the job a little easier.

Make sure it doesn’t stick – Successful grilling starts with a well-oiled grill. Especially important when grilling salmon, which can fall apart if you have to pry or scrape it away from the grill.

Mind the thickness – BBQ veterans know that how you cook depends largely on how thick your fish is. A salmon steak that’s roughly the same thickness all the way round is easiest; a fillet that has a thinner side requires a little more TLC.

Don’t overdo it – salmon is a relatively firm fish, but it will fall apart if you mess with it too much. Grill for 3-4 minutes (depending on thickness), flip gently, and let it cook until it’s opaque all the way through and flakes easily with a fork.

Looking for a couple of recipes for the grill? Check out our website. You’ll find dozens of recipes that are tailor-made for the patio or the backyard.