Entertaining tips

The holidays are a great time of year.  Family and friends.  Parties and gifts.  Shopping and traffic.  Cleaning and no time.  Make Life Easy and plan ahead.

  • Everyone likes to eat.  If you are planning a theme menu make sure all your guests can eat it.  Nothing’s worse than serving a dish someone is allergic to.  Ask your guests about allergies or strong dislikes before you plan the menu.
  • Plan an easy menu. Food is great.  Friends are better.  Make easy dishes and prepare as much as you can the day before.  After all, they did come to see you!
  • Serve the food early, 8 pm at the latest.  Food slows the alcohol absorption, so bring on the food!  Always have a non-alcohol choice available for your non-drinkers.
  • Smaller portions refilled more often keep food and flavours fresh.  Three hours out at room temperature is too long for shrimp, and it won’t be a big hit.