Cooking for crowds

Company’s coming—what do you do? First of all: don’t panic. The following common-sense tips will go a long way to ensuring that your next party or celebration relaxing and enjoyable—for your guests, and also for you!

  • Select menu items that can be made in advance. It’s hard to enjoy the event if you’re exhausted and stressed from cooking all day.
  • Do an “ingredients-check” a couple of days before the event. Stock-up on pantry items the week before, and perishables one or two days in advance. That way if you forget something, you have time to run back to the store.
  • Lots of people coming? Choose easy-to-make and easy-to-maintain dishes. Leave the new recipes and experimentation for smaller dinner parties.
  • When it comes to parties, presentation counts. Ask yourself whether there’s a little flourish or an interesting garnish you can pair with your dishes to make them stand out.
  • Think about healthy options. These days, lower-calorie choices and food you don’t have to feel guilty about are greatly appreciated.