Cook with flavour!

If you are steaming, braising, poaching or planking your food, why not add some flavour to it?  Using flavoured liquid in the cooking process can add some wonderful results.

  • Soak your planks in tea or beer before you barbeque.  It will add a subtle flavour to your protein that is key in layering flavours in your mouth.
  • Steam your food using coffee, tea or coconut milk.
  • Braise your food. Braising is when you cover your protein in your chosen liquid (wine or stock) and cook at a low temperature over a long period of time.  The liquid never boils.  When the meat rests it will soak up all that great flavour too.
  • Add maple syrup to your recipe instead of milk for more calcium.

Customize your flavours to your family’s favourites.  There are no mistakes, just learning experiences. You can start tonight: In the Butter Tuna recipe try cooking your rice in coconut milk.